Why you'll love your iModem

Reduce visits. Improve enrollment

Get live subjectdata and immediately reduce the number of clinic visit during enrollment.

Instantly increase patient security

Monitor the live data stream and directly respond and report on possible adverse events.

Reduce costs

Reducing visits will decrease cost. And with the iModem you may even reduce on overall ICT costs for your study.

Secure. Powerful. Right out of the box

The best thing of the iModem: it works right out of the box. Just plug in the power and it will automatically set itself up and off you go. Your sites and subjects can immediately start taking measurements and they'll flow into your study database. Fully automatic.Worldwide. Besides the usual security layers, the iModem uses proprietary protocol and only talks with the NetMedical platform.

Also, any and all data stored in the iModem is on non volatile memory, securing against power outages and such. Measurements are tagged with full timestamps, logs and events and all other data needed to guarantee a full audit trail for each reading.

Automatic, Faster and Cost effective

Collection of vital signs is fully automatic with the iModem. Your subjects and investigators do not need to take any manual action. The end result: faster and higher quality data, with a lot less data cleaning activities upon study close. Enhancing the speed of data submission this way improves the analysis of study data and lowers costs on all sides.


With the new buzzer feature, you will be informed when the iModem needs attention, alerting patients on possible transmission issues or other usage scenarios. All to ensure that all readings flow into your research database without any problem.

Brains and Beauty

Basing on the success of the Hitachi H8 processor family, the iModem has processing power with reliability. Our design center in The Netherlands focuses on stability and smart behaviour.

On the other hand, ease of use has been the main focus of the design team resulting in a sleek and powerful design. And the clear indicators on the front tell you exactly the status of your readings and confirm that all is well.

Cost reduction

Using the iModem telemedicine in your studies updates your eCRF in realtime and allows realtime sharing between investigators and monitors speeding your trial.The real savings lie in less data input, less data cleaning, easier data submissions and less visits for subjects. Getting insight in the progress of a trial has proven to be very interesting for trials funded by sponsors. This way they can anticipate the outcome in a much earlier state, whilst gaining a better grip on the overall costs.


Another cool new feature is the SMS-wakeup. From any mobile phone you can now send an SMS to an iModem anywhere in the world, telling it to wake up and connect to the server. This way, you can optimize costs even further. Not to mention the tremendeous time saver in helpdesk calls.

Realtime alerting

The iModem has configurable alert thresholds for measurement values. If a reading is received by the iModem that exceeds these thresholds, the iModem contacts the platform and sends the measurement through immediately. This enables quick turnaround times in case of urgent measurements, whilst maintaining low costs when no alarming readings are received. A case of welcome cost optimisation.

Gain higher compliance and response in the trials

Because the measurement data is immediately at the disposal of the investigator, they can respond directly when participants do not comply with the protocol. The investigator calls a participant or even schedules an appointment to re-instruct the participant. This continued feedback increases the compliance of participants in the trial. This makes the amount of available valid measurements increase dramatically.

Increased Memory

With the new motherboard of the iModem, we vastly increased the fixed memory, now holding up to 500 readings (in case of glucose readings). And with the addition of an extra memory slot internally, we can even extend this if needed to 8 MB, for instance for collecting ECG data (future application).

Want to know more?

Did we get you interested in what the iModem technology can do for your study? Ask one of our commercial account managers at sales@netmedical.nl or contact our office in The Netherlands on office hours (CET-timezone) at +31 30 280 42 71.