The features of the iModem are solely designed for full-proof functioning in a variety of usage scenario's. And with the ease of use in mind, we designed it to fit seamlessly in the clinical trial practice.


The iModem is designed to be as unobtrosive as possible. Power it up and it will do the work in the background. With an off-white design with only a few indicators in any situation the iModem does not draw unneeded attention.

However, if it needs attention, it has a beeper to alert a patient or clinician to take a look.

Full automatic

Using the BluetoothTM inside, the iModem automatically collects readings from the medical device. Also, on preset times and ways, the iModem sends information through to the server and website. All without user intervention.

This means that the patient (or clinician) doesn't even have to care about the iModem. Just take the measurement and automatically it ends up in the clinical trial website (or another location, up to you) and your research database.

Well-designed user interface

To indicate the status, the iModem has four leds on the front. If all is well, only the power led is green. During communication one or two other leds may light up, but they're all green. Only when the iModem shows a red led indicator, it needs some action from the patient. In urgent cases, the iModem may use the beeper inside to draw attention to the status.

In typical home usage scenario's, a patient will rarely ever really handle the iModem. Just for the purpose of pushing readings faster through than normal, there is 1 button on the front of the iModem. Press it and it will connect to the website.

Realtime alerting

The iModem has configurable alert thresholds for measurement values. If a reading is received by the iModem that exceeds these thresholds, the iModem contacts the platform and sends the measurement through immediately. This enables quick turnaround times in case of urgent measurements, whilst maintaining low costs when no alarming readings are received. A case of welcome cost optimisation.

Cost management

Realtime monitoring may be more than you need. Needless to say that sending each individual measurement may be too expensive, especially in multi country studies. Therefore the iModem contacts the server only when so instructed. This is configurable, even during the study. In some situations, collected measurements need to be sent only every week. In other cases every readings is needed directly. Both are supported and based on your study design and budget, NetMedical will help you decide on the best settings.

Compliance control

The beeper inside is configurable to your needs. In the newest version, it is also possible to have the beeper used to indicate to subjects that they take readings, or to remind that there should have been readings sent. This all to increase compliance to the study protocol without expensive patient management.

Dog's that don't bark

In 'Hound of the Baskerville' it is the lack of barking of the dog that lets Sherlock Holmes know who did it. Analoguely, the importance of reporting that no readings were taken is important. Therefore, even when no readings are received by the iModem, it may contact the server anyway to report that the iModem is alive and well, but no readings are received. This helps in keeping researches alert on the compliance of participants.


When receiving an SMS (any SMS), the iModem responds by storing the SMS and contacting the platform and website, sending the received SMS message back. This enables your support team to pull measurement from iModem with nothing more than their own cell phones. No intervention by the subjects is needed for that; the subject need not even be home.

Choose your type - iModem flavours

The iModem comes in three versions: iModemBT, iModemMobile and iModemMobile+. The difference between these models is only in the supported communication methods with the server and Clinical Trial website. And therfore the associated cost of operation.


iModemBT connects with the server via fixed phone line only. NetMedical will arrange the dial up numbers (both toll free and paid) for the iModems in all countries.

iModemBT is the most economical iModem. Not only is the iModem hardware less expensive, but the recurring costs for communication are also a little less.

For the iModemBT to function, however, the subject needs a working fixed phone line in the home.

Advantages of iModemBT

  • Full medical device support
  • Very Economical
  • Works also in GSM-less areas
  • Won't directly interfere with normal phone use
  • NetMedical takes care of all communication arrangements

In short, your team will receive fully functional iModems for each country in your study.

Things to think about

  • Installation is a little more work (extra wire)
  • Subjects need a fixed phone line
  • Less control over communication costs

When to choose for iModemBT

  • In studies where you have subjects relatively close to the clinics
  • In countries where phone lines are of good quality
  • In countries where no GSM/GPRS coverage is expected (South Korea, Japan, ...)
  • Where other iModems don't fit the budgets


iModemMobile connects with the server via GPRS. Recurring costs are slightly higher, but there is no need to wire up the iModem.

iModemMobile first most situations and therfore the most commonly used version of iModem version. And although you will have slightly higher recurring costs, this iModem can be applied without the need of a fixed line connection.

Advantages of iModemMobile

  • Full medical device support
  • Very Economical
  • Works worldwide, where GPRS available (not S-Korea, Japan,...)
  • Won't need any other connection. Just power, and you're done.
  • NetMedical takes care of all communication arrangements
  • No installation effort

In short, you'll have a fully mobile unit, BluetoothTM enabled, wireless transmission. Just power it up and within and it automatically sets itself up at your subject's home of in the clinic.

Things to think about

  • GPRS availability is required, which excludes some countries.
  • Moderate recurring costs

When to choose for iModemMobile

  • In studies where you don't want installation efforts
  • In countries where GSM/GPRS coverage is good.
  • In studies with moderate budget concerns, but high speed of delivery


iModemMobile+, has the best of both worlds. This iModem connects via GPRS, but as a backup also support fixed phone line.

NetMedical will arrange the dial up numbers (both toll free and paid) for the iModems in all countries, as well as all communication arrangements for the GPRS connections.

iModemMobile+ is the top model. If you want to have the highest availability of data transfer available, this is your iModem.

Advantages of iModemMobile+

  • Full medical device support
  • Top data availability and speed of data collection
  • Works also in GSM-less areas
  • Won't directly interfere with normal phone use
  • NetMedical takes care of all communication arrangements
  • Will automatically choose between GPRS or land line based on availability at that time.

In short, your team will receive the best data collector for any situation you subjects or investigators may be confronted with.

Things to think about

  • Use of the fixed phone line requires plugging in of one (extra wire)
  • Subjects don't need a fixed phone line, but may if no GPRS is available
  • Recurring costs may be higher due to high availability of data

When to choose for iModemMobile+

  • In studies where the budget is less a problem then the data availability requirements
  • In countries where phone lines are of relative good quality
  • In countries where GSM/GPRS coverage is expected to be of mediocre quality

Need help deciding?

It may not be obvious directly what your specific needs would be. In most cases you are well off with one of the options, but in some studies using a combination may produce the best value-for-money.

To be able to better judge what in your case is the best, please have one of our commercial account managers contact you. Together you can specify how to equip yourself with the right tool for the job.

Contact us.