NetMedical has selected medical devices in the system to not only be capable of telemedicine, but designed to do so.
This makes all the difference (read in more detail).

Our selection of medical equipment is limited, but extremely well chosen. And all proven in many installations.

Blood pressure

Being one of the important key performance indicators, our first applications of the iModem system was in blood pressure reading. And until today, blood pressure is used in the majority of studies NetMedical has supported.

Omron wired blood pressure monitor

This wired BPM was the first to be connected to the iModem. Is has been deployed since 2002 and has a very good reputation in the clinical practice.

A&D wireless blood pressure monitor

This BluetoothTM enabled wireless blood pressure monitor was specifically designed for telemedicine applications. NetMedical has deployed these since 2008 in the clinical field and with very good results.

Blood Glucose

As diabetic patients often have issues with eye sight, NetMedical has experience that the (most frequently used) infrared wireless glucose monitors do not work well in a telemedicine system. And as BluetoothTM wireless glucose monitors are scarce, we currently offer only wired glucometers are part of the iModem system.

Both meters are coding-free, high grade devices, and used by many patients already.

Lifescan OneTouch

This wired glucometer is one of the well-known glucometers. The iModem works well with this meter and the resulting datasets are of high quality.


Coming from the United Kingdom, this glucometer has been selected because of the high quality standard of the strips and meter, whilst offered at lower cost.


The market offers weighing scales, but few support long range wireless connection, which NetMedical has experienced to be a vital requirement for weight measurements for in-home applications.

A&D BluetoothTM Scales

This BluetoothTM enabled wireless weighing scales was specifically designed for telemedicine applications. NetMedical has deployed just a few of these per today (start of 2010) in the clinical field but the results are very promising. Specifically as the quality is identical to the A&D blood pressure monitor, with which we have quite some experience, we feel confident offering this device in clinical environment.