All data. Anytime. Anywhere

Trial leader, CRO, CRA, study centers and even (optionally) subjects, all can log on to their own section of the clinical trial website. If you log on as trial leader or CRO, you can manage iModems and medical equipment and manage your study centers and subjects. Being a investigator your access is limited to your equipment and subjects. Together with (optional) subject access the website has been designed to shape itself to your trial.

Live reporting. The way you want it

Based on the live data feed from the iModems the clinical trial website can generate alerts for all kinds of events. From three days no readings, up to out of range measurement values, alerts are sent to the appropriate study center or to other stake holders. This helps manage subjects and their compliance with the study protocol. Live reporting is available on management parts of the website, to view how the study progresses. Getting an overview of your study activity has never been easier.

Cleaning. Annotation. Submission

The website allows CRO and project managers to manage the data.Whether you need to annotate readings or change enrollment based on CRF documents received from sites, the website offers the possibility to do so.Any change is recorded to the audit trail. Then, whether intermediate or final, the clinical trial website is able to generate data submission files the way you need them.Whether you need just a csv-file of your readings or full database dumps, anything is possible. And, with our design team we can adapt it to your existing eCRF systems when so desired.

Feature shortlist

* Full audit trail
* Detailed usage reporting
* Role based security
* Easy to use interface
* Solid technologies
* and more

iModem features

The iModem has many features that work in conjunction with the Clinical Trial website. This way, NetMedical offers a full system for your study that really works like one integrated. Independant of how many subjects, sites and countries are participating.
See iModem features.

A perfect match

Combine the iModem with the Clinical trial website and you will have more power. With optimal support of the data-flows in focus, together with partners and clients the clinical trial website has been developed and perfected over the course of many years. It has a level of quality that lets you quickly implement the technology in your study design.

Other considerations

Good Clinical Practice, audit trail quality and other relevant issues are handled carefully and effectively by the system. From the selected medical equipment, the iModem, the ROS platform and the clinical trial website; all elements of the path that the data follows is designed to withstand any auditor.

To see a full features list, look at the features page.