Over 30,000 iModems in the field

The iModem is one of the most tried and tested telemedicine solutions available today. And with NetMedical having supported iModems in over 40 countries around the globe, you can be sure your clinical study will get our full attention and expertise!

Why iModem in clinical research?

The iModem is a must-have tool for Phase III and Phase IV trials. The iModem collects vital signs of your subjects fully wirelessly. And with a cost of ownership starting at as little as €15* per patient per study-month, all in, worldwide*2 coverage, NetMedical offers you the next innovation.

* based on iModemMobile, 24 month study, 1000 subjects.

* excluding non-GPRS regions

Complementary clinical trial website!

The iModem comes with the clinical trial website, designed to specifically support telemedicine readings and alerts set by doctors and patients.

Advantages of the iModem system





Cost reduction, improvement of enrollment and higher quality data.
Proven system in global trials with over 30,000 subjects in over 30 countries.
Strong track record of partnering with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies.
Expertise in trial support, data submissions and site management to maximize clients' investments.
Telemedicine leadership for more than 20 years.

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Dutch design. Global target

Coming from a strong technology background, in 2002 NetMedical focused on clinical trial market starting with the first iModems. Since then, over 30.000 study participants have used the iModem and sent in data through NetMedical's server to our clients. More about NetMedical

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January 2010

NetMedical has updated the pricing strategy. Calculating the cost over a study is now easier than ever. As of 2010 for new studies the iModem comes with an all-inclusive monthly fee. This includes worldwide all communication costs, the hosting of the website and databases. And you'd be surprised how low this can be. Contact our sales for more information.

November 2009

NetMedical was present on the European Partners in Clinical Trials event in Rotterdam. Being one of the main events for CRO's and trial leaders in Europe, NetMedical presented the iModem system.

September 2009

NetMedical started a partnership with Cambridge Sensors Limited for clinical grade glucometer telemedicine. After a rigid selection procedure, the CSL Microdot Plus meter was selected as one of the best glucometers for use in telemedicine. Next to the existing Lifescan OneTouch family NetMedical now also offers the Microdot for use in clinical trials.

June 2009

The new PSTN-extension is here! This new extension board inside the iModem enables us to better serve higher transmission speeds. In combination with the new mainboard and updated GPRS/GSM board, the iModem now improves on speed of transmission and even more in-house or in-clinic sitations are covered.

April 2009

A new pharmaceutial started deploying the iModem system in the clinical trial environment, setting the uptake of the iModem telemedicine system in clincal trials to four farmaceutical companies embracing the technology.

February 2009

The new iModem v2009 was introduced in clinical environment. With this new mainboard, the iModem has become more powerful and can be expanded in many ways. One of the first expansions is the increased flash memory that will now hold over 500 measurements.